Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shadows of Alcatraz

Looking across the water at the island and the old grey buildings I wondered what would interest me the most about this famous place called Alcatraz.   We got off of the ferry and scattered in different directions.  There were many boat loads of tourists today even though it was an iffy day for weather.
As we began our tour we each hooked our earphones on our ears to hear all about this strange looking place.  It was quite a walk up the steep zigzagged walkway and I was rethinking my choices of what I needed for the day for my large bag was loaded full.  But I never regret the extra weight of my camera.  As the sun popped through the clouds I was filled with joy!  I started snapping pics wildly. 
I will not say much for the tour but I was so pleased with the beautiful shots I captured. As we finished our tour and started back down the steep incline I was so surprised to see the grandest pic of all.  It was the shadows, "It will be the picture that I will paint from the trip! "